Neil Grimmer


Neil Grimmer is the founder and CEO of Habit, pioneering personalized nutrition through deep science and food innovation. With a diverse and creative background, Neil was a punk rock musician before moving into product design at IDEO. Now with Habit, he’s building a nutrition platform to help consumers understand the transformative power of food - from test to table. 

Having always been one to play with his food, he co-founded Plum Organics, the nation’s leading organic baby food brand, to bring the best, healthy food to kids. Neil sold Plum Organics to Campbell Soup in 2013 and remains active as the chairman of the board.

Today, Neil is on a mission to change the world through food once again, this time for grown-ups. His inspiration for Habit began with his journey as a tri-athlete that hung up his running shoes for a different race - running a company. But after putting the company first and his health last, he found himself 50 pounds overweight and at risk for long-term health issues. After many genetic and blood tests, trips to specialists and nutrition analysis, the idea of Habit was born, making Neil’s health journey accessible to the average consumer. Launched in 2016, Habit is the first personalized nutrition company that is challenging the multi-billion-dollar diet industry, using science to prove that each person requires different nutrients for their own optimal wellbeing.

Neil is a proven business leader, being named Innovator of the Year by Nutrition Business Journal, an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and re-incorporating Plum Organics as a Public Benefit Corporation. Neil is also a fellow at the Aspen Institute.